Website Foundation

After establishing a Core Message, the next step is to build a Website Foundation for your company.

This Website Foundation includes:

  • Logo and Branding – These logos, color schemes, elements, and other materials should be used consistently throughout all your materials to quickly establish a recognizable identity for your company.
  • Website Design – Your website should provide users with the key information the need to move forward in an easy, intuitive and accessible format.  It should also include the elements you need to promote your company, including social marketing links, YouTube videos, and more.
  • Content – Well-written content helps visitors quickly understand how your company can help solve their problems and provides a clear path forward.   Content is also critical to help your company achieve “authority website” status.    Reaching this status helps ensure a steady stream of “organic” traffic to your website (Organic = finding your site naturally, without the need for pay-per-click advertising)
  • SEO Basics – On top of well-written content, it is important to “tweak” content to ensure you are using the right words and tagging that drive organic search engine traffic
  • Keywords – Related to SEO, keywords are the words that people are searching on now.  It is important to ensure that your website content is written around these keywords.
  • Optin – Provides the mechanism to build relationships with potential and existing customers.  Once someone shares their contact information, you should have a communication framework that engages them closer and closer so that they feel nearby when they are ready to buy!
  • Maintenance – Websites should never be a “once and done” endeavor.  It is important to maintain the “freshness” of your site to keep search engine ranking, keep visitors coming, fix problems, and adapt to changing keyword trends.
  • Statistics – As a business owner, you need objective feedback to help you understand the results of all your internet marketing efforts.  This helps you to adapt and prioritize your efforts for more efficient and effective results.

Once you have established your Core Message and Website Foundation, you are ready to focus on Traffic Generation.

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