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Geeks Marketing is a full-service Marketing Agency utilizing strategies, tools, and techniques to build business brands for our clients.

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Building a Brand

Building a brand starts with have an unassailable “Core Message.”   Your core message conveys to your customers; who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.    Then you need to strengthen your message with a strong logo to brand everything in your business.   We believe your logo is an extension of your core message.  It will be the first thing customers see to recognize your brand.   Think Apple, Mercedes, or Starbucks, you know their logos immediately, and you know what to expect.   Your message and logo should be included in all marketing materials:

Internet Marketing Model | Geeks Marketing

Click through, and you will see an in-depth description of each ring of internet marketing.

The Core Message is the most important element of any business. There are many names for this message, elevator message, unique value proposition.Read More

The Website Foundation is important to establishing a website thay can gain authority and rankings.Read More

Traffic Generation should be carefully implemented with tried and true strategies that work for your industry.Read More

Advanced Strategies are used to make money directly from the internet, such as products sales and mobile applications.Read More

  • Your website
  • Your content
  • Your advertising
  • Your graphics
  • Your brochures
  • Your business cards and stationary
  • Your social channels and engagements
  • Your events
  • Your promotional and swag

If your logo and brand are viewed over and over and over and over in a variety of ways, well, I’m sure you get the drift; soon, they recognize your brand just out of sheer exposure.   Seriously, this is just good old fashion marketing, which is building your brand, with more tools and tactics at your disposal on the internet.

In 2011, we created the Internet Marketing Model you see on the right.   It was designed for business owners to understand how internet marketing works.   We found with so many strategies and tools; it was easy to get caught up with the newest marketing tactics available on the internet.  Customers who stayed true to their core message and deployed strategies to build their brand, grew and prospered. Other customers who were always changing their core message, their websites, their marketing collateral, with the newest ‘internet’ fade, became stuck in a never ending cycle.

At Geeks Marketing, we utilize the same strategies and tools we use with our customers, as we use with our eCommerce websites:   Take a look at Tee Shirts World.   You know what we sell, and when you go to the specific website, you’ll be able to see the Tshirts designs that represents the brand niche:   Malware World, EDM Sexy, Bingo Clothing, Bite Me Girl, Politically Yours.

We encourage you to check out Graphic Designer Geeks and Web Writer Geeks and see all our previous designs and copywriting.

We are dedicated to your success.  How can we help you?

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