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A Custom Logo Design is an essential element to branding your business. An investment in a custom logo design that visualizes your concept, is the essence to branding your message to customers, employees, vendors, and anyone who sees your logo. When you begin conceptualizing your brand, you need to consider the following three components, of which, a logo is probably the most important aspect.

  • Brand – The emotional corporate image as an entire entity, including the corporate culture, the products, the employees, the buildings, etc. The brand immediately defines the company…..whether they are a big corporation, or a small business, all of the components that make a business unique.
  • Identity – The visual aspects that form the instant recognition. We all know them, CocaCola, Apple, Mercedes….we instantly recognize the business by their colors, by their products, by their design, by their packaging.
  • Logo – Identifies a business in its simplest form with the use of a mark or icon. .A custom logo design is an important element of branding-it is the first visualization a web visitor will see. A favicon is usually your logo, that creates a mark on your browser, transporting your brand throughout the Internet.
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