Core Message

Developing your company’s Core Message is a key first step to the success of your overall marketing efforts.
Establishing this core message helps ensure that you are not only “doing things right” but, more importantly, “doing the right things” to lead your company to success.
Business Plan is the central element of your core message.

A Business Plan brings together these key elements:

  • Business Overview – Provides context for everything else
  • Goals – Where do you company want to be in a year? 3 years? 5 years?  (Everything else should be about achieving these goals)
  • Differentiators – What makes your company special? (This is what should be consistently emphasized in your messaging!)
  • Product and Service Portfolio – What do you currently offer?  What should you offer?  What is most profitable?  Should you drop anything?
  • Targeted Customers – Who are you targeting today?  Who should you target?
  • Marketing Plan – How can you better reach targeted customers to provide them with the most profitable services?
  • Financial Metrics – Provides key information about your company

Creating a business plan provides your company with a key reference document that can be used again and again to ensure you remain on the right path.

Best of all, your new business plan can also be leveraged to achieve other goals with outside investors, banks, etc.

Once you have established your Core Message, you are ready to focus on your Website Foundation.

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