Our Geeks came across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal last week about the use of social media by small businesses:
“Small Firms Say LinkedIn Works, Twitter Doesn’t”   (31 January 2013)

Note: Unlike most WSJ articles, this story is unlocked, which means non-subscribers can read the whole story!  It’s worth the read!

The Wall Street Journal polled small business owners last month to better understand their use of social media.  Not surprisingly, owners of small firms generally have limited money and time to figure out the most useful ways to tap into social media.

Other Key Findings:

  • Just four in 10 business owners said they have employees dedicated to social-media campaigns. Nearly half of them spend between one and five hours weekly on social media, and one-third spend no time at all.
  • Six in 10 businesses said that social media was a valuable way to market their business
  • LinkedIn was identified by 41% of business owners as being potentially valuable, with a much higher return than on other social networking sites
  • Facebook and YouTube were also highly-used and considered relatively valuable
  • Only 3% said Twitter was potentially valuable – the key issue with Twitter is the perceived inability to have meaningful engagement with customers via the short-messaging service

Our Geek Analysis:
Professional networking service LinkedIn should be high on the social media priority list for most local businesses, while any time investment in Twitter should be carefully considered.  Web Geek Group can help your local businesses create and execute a social media marketing program.

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