Explainer Videos are 30 second advertisements, explaining a product, a service, or business.    Buyers understand advertisements.  Buyers are used to videos.   Your business can be better understood through an Explainer Video.

Explainer Videos are a must have if you want your company to get better visibility and conversions.   We are a nation of advertisements.   Advertisements are quick.   Advertisements work.  With an Explainer Video, a buyer can quickly determine whether your company, product or service is something he’s interested in.

There are many companies that develop Explainer Videos, and done correctly, they can be very effective for delivering your message and increasing conversions.   However, there are some simple mistakes that can crippled conversions.  These mistakes happen in both small to large businesses.   .   Here are some surefire mistakes.

Mistake #1.    No compelling reason to play the video.   Why should your buyer play your video?  Countless websites have a videos that are never played.   There are many reasons:  the website is faster to read, the video looks boring, the video looks long and tedious, the video looks like a sales job.

My advise:  Get back to basics.  The buyer has to have a reason to play the Explainer Video.  The static page should be very appealing and have a strong and compelling reason to play the video.  Not just a click icon, or play me but a compelling reason to play the video.

You can do this several ways, first creating a great static page and then surrounding it with a great head line, that compells a buyer to play the video.   Use words that sell.

Mistake #2.   Length.  Nothing sends a buyer running away faster than a long video.  Your Explainer Video needs to be as short as possible to get them to play it.   Personally, I hate videos that don’t show the play time.    Seemly clever at first, I get angry when I’m sucked in for 20 minutes, to find I’ve wasted my time.

The faster you can deliver you message the better.    Sure it’s nice tell all your features and benefits.  Sure it’s nice to have cutsy animations.   But the time to tell your story is limited…..MAKE every second COUNT.

Mistake #3.  No story.   Feature and benefits do NOT make a sale.   A story doesn’t mean making up a fairy tale.   A story is unfolding what your business, product or service can do for your buyers.  People buy emotionally.   Your story needs to touch them.

Don’t talk down or tell your buyer what to think.   I’ve seen many Explainer Videos that start with lines like:

“You’re a busy enterpreuner.”   (Already I’m put off, thinking…how do you know what I am?)

“You know hassle, he’s that guy you don’t like”..  (I don’t know hassle, I know I don’t want to know him, I just want to know what your product does).

Story telling for an Explainer video is about the problem you solve.   That’s it.

Mistake #4. Spending huge amounts of money on a high quality Explainer Video. An Explainer Video can cost hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollar.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter the type or amount of money you spend, it only matters whether the video converts.  A compelling story with great graphics, and conversions are the basic criteria for a good Explainer Video.

  • There are many types of Explainer Videos.    Animation, Live, Whiteboard, Testimonial, to name a few.  Which is the best?   The one that connects with your buyer.
  • How much should we spend on an Explainer Video.   Personally, I would recommend spending enough to make your business, product or service look great and convert.   nd to make many videos and continuously test conversion rates.

Don’t waste precious seconds on a cutsy story or tatistic show visitors will watch

  1. Grab them within the first 10 seconds.

One of the biggest mistakes I see on many videos, is their introduction…wasting precious seconds on a title or ‘cute’ sound.

Big Mistake #1

Don’t make drag out your title or the start of you message.  Who cares if you have a ‘cute’ sound?   Unless it’s really, really amazing, your visitor has probably already seen it.

Don wait 15 seconds to start your message.

Don’t waste you’re the first 3 seconds with an introduction….hit them what you got.

Remember, you are competing with YOURSELF.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression, whether its’ the beginning of your Explainer Video and if you’re lucky, and they view the whole Explainer Video, and get the chance to convert.

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